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Another week, another update: OpenSesame 0.17

OpenSesame 0.17 is available! In addition to bug-fixes and numerous refinements to the graphical interface, there are a few noteworthy new features:

  • There is now a debug window, which is invaluable when creating Python inline code. You can print to the debug window using the standard Python 'print' statement. The debug window also includes a simple Python interpreter.
  • Added a timeout option to response items.
  • Added an auto response mode, in which OpenSesame simulates responses. This can be very handy when you want to give your experiment a test run, but rather not spend an hour sitting behind your computer pressing keys.
  • Added plugins! You can (relatively) easily extend OpenSesame's functionality through plug-ins. Four plug-ins are already included:
    • fixation_dot: a convenience plugin for displaying central fixation dots.
    • text_display: a convenience plugin for presenting text displays.
    • text_input: a response collection plugin which provides a text input field.
    • advanced_delay: a timing plugin which waits for a random interval with a specified mean and standard deviation.
  • Another tutorial. This is not really a feature, of course, but it is nevertheless a very useful addition. You can download the tutorial here (PDF format).

Get it here!