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Debian Neuroscience Repository

A while back I came across the Debian Neuroscience Repository (NeuroDebian). The aim of this project is to provide a comprehensive repository of open-source neuroscientific software. Kind of like an app store for neuroscientists. The list of software includes everything from visualization of EEG data to speech analysis and synthesis. And I'm proud to say that OpenSesame is listed as well.

As the name suggests, the repository is exclusively for the Debian family of Linux systems, which includes the well known Ubuntu Linux. But fortunately they also provide a Virtual Machine. This means that Windows and Mac users can try NeuroDebian without having to go through the trouble of installing an unfamiliar operating system.

Just take a look at their list of software. Chances are that you will find something interesting!

P.S. As a totally random aside, while typing this post I noticed that the Firefox spell checker suggests that I change "neuroscience" to "pseudoscience" and "neuroscientific" to "nonscientific"!