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Gnotero is dead, long live Qnotero

Qnotero in actionGnotero, the standalone sidekick to the Zotero reference manager, has gotten a major revamp, and has been renamed to Qnotero. The (slight) name change reflects a switch in the underlying graphical toolkit, from Gtk to Qt (for those who care about nerdy details). The functionality offered by Qnotero is basically the same: You can quickly search through your Zotero references, and open attached PDFs. So what's new?

Compared to Gnotero, Qnotero is 

  • prettier
  • themeable (right now there are a few different color and icon schemes)
  • faster
  • fully functional on Windows
  • drag-and-droppable (you can drag PDFs from the search results onto, say, your desktop)

Get it here!