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Unfortunate sentences: Matryoshka parasites

I know it's lame to pick out unfortunate sentences (I know I've written my share too. For example, I initially misspelled the names of both Oliver Sacks and Victor Lamme in my reviews of their books.), but I just couldn't resist reproducing this one:

“If you were to pick up and dissect any living organism from anywhere around the globe, you would undoubtedly find at least one other species inside of it.”

Apparently, there is some kind of weird recursion going on, with organisms being parasites of their own parasites. A type of infinite Russian doll parasitism. Otherwise I would say that at most 50% of all living organism has another organism living inside of it.

This sentence was taken from a review of the book “What's Eating You?” by Eugene Kaplan. Which, by the way, seems like a very interesting book.

Image from Wikimedia Commons


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