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Preview OpenSesame 0.25

Over the past few months a lot of work has been done on OpenSesame, the graphical experiment builder. And, if all goes well, version 0.25 ("Dashy Darwin") will be released soon! For this release, the focus wasn't on new functionality, but on bug-fixes and adding polish to the user interface. Thanks to a large (and rapidly growing) amount of user feedback, 0.25 is looking to be a great release! Thanks to everybody who helped out, even if just in a small way by dropping a note and/ or giving some constructive comments.

A screenshot of OpenSesame 0.25-pre11

At this point, the pre-release packages are pretty stable, but of course there's always the chance of bugs that have been overlooked. If you have some time to spare (or are starting a new experiment), I would encourage you to try the latest pre-release packages and let me know of your experiences (particularly bad ones). When 0.25 is officially released, you will receive a notification so you can immediately switch to the official, stable version.

Download (0.25-pre13 is the latest pre-release right now):

  • [OpenSesame 0.25 has been released, pre-release builds are no longer available]