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Welcome to! Here you can find a variety of things which are (loosely) related to cognitive science and science in general.

  • In the Software section you can find a number of programs (notably Gnotero). All free and open source.
  • In the Experiments section you can participate in online experiments (right now there is only one experiment, but more will come Update 28-09-2010: I have just added the Feature Integration experiment). These experiments are intended to give you a feel of what cognitive science is about. The data can be downloaded, which is especially useful for students who want some hands-on experience with data analysis using real data.

And last but not least:

  • In the Blog section you can find my random musings and notifications on software updates and new online experiments.

I hope you will enjoy this new website! Feel free to post a comment somewhere or contact me if you have any suggestions and/ or comments.