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Last update: Feb 3, 2023


These terms apply to:

Does CogSci use cookies and trackers?

CogSci uses the following third-party services:

  • Google Analytics to monitor site usage
  • AddThis for social-media sharing
  • Disqus for blog comments
  • GoogleAPI for fonts and jquery
  • MaxCDN for respond and html5shiv JavaScript libraries
  • Cloudfare for cookieconsent JavaScript libraries

Where are the CogSci servers located?

CogSci is hosted on servers managed by TransIP and GoedkopeWebhoster. These servers are located in The Netherlands.

What user data is stored by CogSci? and store account information and discussion/ message data.

Who owns user data on CogSci?

You own your data on and

How do I delete user data on CogSci?

You can ask for your data on or to be deleted by contacting the moderators on these respective platforms.

What does CogSci do with user data?

Nothing. User data is stored solely for the purpose of providing the intended service (i.e. running the forum and Mattermost chat server).

Who runs CogSci?

CogSci is registered in The Netherlands (KvK: 67290965).